Jeroen Meeus

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Stackoverflow is dead

Or at least it smells like it. The stench is overwelming. I try to ignore it and answer some questions. But the stench, oh boy.

Trolls, trolls and points

All stackexchanges have a point system, the reputations. The general idea behind it is to keep the eco system healthy. It promotes good answers and good questions. And it works. But as with everything shiny, trolls will come.

Stackoverflow has become such a shiny pearl. It has come to a point where reputation points are seen as bounties. Bounties you need to collect as if they are Steam-badges. Raping mums and showing off your entire vocabulary of foul words along the way.

All your reputation are belongs to us

Because of the reputation points, people are no longer answering questions. They are spamming them. A first answer holds 2 words. Then they edit it and add some more words. Next edit: add jQuery - because. Next edit: Oh, it’s...

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OOPS : Object oriented pile of sh*t

Why is it that everyone with a keyboard, notepad and <!DOCTYPE html> has to reinvent the wheel? But less round. With 4 corners. Duct tape to hold it together. And tons of safety warnings.

What happened to the art of programming? The artists who write code that reads like poetry? Where are they?

They see me (t)rolling

My first program was written in VBA. It did exactly what I wanted it to do and it gave me that King Of The Hill feeling:

Module MyFirstProgram
  Sub Main()
      MsgBox("this is so awesome")
  End Sub 
End Module

No one could stand in my way, for I was 1337. I started planning a scheme to dominate the world with my programming skills - I really was that good. It didn’t take long to realise that I was in fact nothing more than a small hideous teenager, crying of joy and sadness. My first nullpointerexception had arrived. Still so much to learn.


VBA was...

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No, you are not that good

When studying computer Science, the course ‘Object Oriented Programming’ taught me everything I needed to know about writing software:

Use and code the bare minimum

It makes me waste less time, and prevents me from showing and implementing everything I can do. Yes, I have knowledge of LDAP. I even wrote a small library that I can include in my projects. But that doesn’t mean I should…

Keep it simple

I love writing code as much as I hate it. I had a dream writing code, and it was good. Now I have nightmares about everything I have written and will write. What if it breaks? What if random_method is deprecated or buggy?

The more I write, the more it tends to break. And if it doesn’t, it will tomorrow. Im simply not that good. No one is. Not even you.

I’m a divine creature

When solving my family members computer problems, I follow a very strict protocol:

  • Google the question they...

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It’s alive

Finally, after walking around on this earth for over 24 years, I’ve decided to share my awesome ideas with the world wide web. And that all for free!

Who am I

I am a developer from Leuven, Belgium. The city of Inbev, the biggest brewery in the world.

That probably sums up everything about me, I’m a developer that appreciates his glass of alcohol.

My frustrations

I tend to get frustrated once every line of code. Often the questions ‘who is the moron that wrote this’ and ‘why do I have to write this myself’ sum up my frustrations perfectly.
Not that I am a god at programming. I know how to <?php, “use strict”, SELECT JOINS and print it to HTML. Sometimes, I even tend to be really good at it.

I’m the expert

After tons of drupal/wordpress installs, composer updates and compass create’s I can happily call my self an expert at clicking that next button and “ctrl+c ctrl+v enter”...

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