It’s alive

Finally, after walking around on this earth for over 24 years, I’ve decided to share my awesome ideas with the world wide web. And that all for free!

Who am I #

I am a developer from Leuven, Belgium. The city of Inbev, the biggest brewery in the world.

That probably sums up everything about me, I’m a developer that appreciates his glass of alcohol.

My frustrations #

I tend to get frustrated once every line of code. Often the questions ‘who is the moron that wrote this’ and ‘why do I have to write this myself’ sum up my frustrations perfectly.
Not that I am a god at programming. I know how to <?php, “use strict”, SELECT JOINS and print it to HTML. Sometimes, I even tend to be really good at it.

I’m the expert #

After tons of drupal/wordpress installs, composer updates and compass create’s I can happily call my self an expert at clicking that next button and “ctrl+c ctrl+v enter” combination.
I like to call myself an installation consultant. I will happily install software for you, but don’t ask me to fix your problems.


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