Stackoverflow is dead

Or at least it smells like it. The stench is overwelming. I try to ignore it and answer some questions. But the stench, oh boy.

Trolls, trolls and points #

All stackexchanges have a point system, the reputations. The general idea behind it is to keep the eco system healthy. It promotes good answers and good questions. And it works. But as with everything shiny, trolls will come.

Stackoverflow has become such a shiny pearl. It has come to a point where reputation points are seen as bounties. Bounties you need to collect as if they are Steam-badges. Raping mums and showing off your entire vocabulary of foul words along the way.

All your reputation are belongs to us #

Because of the reputation points, people are no longer answering questions. They are spamming them. A first answer holds 2 words. Then they edit it and add some more words. Next edit: add jQuery - because. Next edit: Oh, it’s not JavaScript, use bootstrap! …

Instead of thinking before answering and making sure the OP can actually learn. Instead of answering the question so that others may learn as well. We tend to copy paste some code.

Bad answers #

Here, use this code

I don’t like free answers. If I answer a question, I want the OP to learn something. Not just “copy-paste, thx bye”.

Isn’t that what stackexchange is all about? Exchanging knowledge, learning in the proces.

Bad questions #

Can you help me?

I just hate those questions. What happened with actually writing up a question. Defining the problem, adding an example, often solving the problem in the process.

Bad attitude #

The comments are really bad sometimes. It feels like reading youtube comments on the new iDevice vs Android clip.

And that is why, with pain in my heart, I say goodbye.

Goodby Stackoverflow, you’ve been a big part of my life. I loved you, I caressed you. But know it is time to part.

I’m banging your sister now #

CodeReview is her name. A place were people behave. Think before they write.


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